ExpressVPN and WiFi Router Security

Securing your Internet connection is very important. Security VPNs like ExpressVPN can help protect your data transfers from hackers and snoops. But you also need to secure your WiFi. This is a very sensitive point of access that many take advantage of.

ExpressVPN for WiFi Security

Many Internet users already know to use security VPNs like ExpressVPN to protect them at public WiFi hotspots. These connections often do not have password security. They may have passwords, but they are available to anyone who asks. Phones, tablets and laptops on public WiFi can be hacked in just a few minutes. With a network protocol analyzer like wireshark, hackers can swipe the usernames and passwords of everyone on a network.

Internet users are safer at home where they can set their own WiFi passwords and choose who they trust with it. They can also secure their usernames by not allowing the network to broadcast their SSID. But many users actually don’t change the default passwords that their WiFi routers come with, and they forget to disable SSID broadcasting.

Most people these days know their way around WiFi configurations. To make matters worse, most ISPs and router manufacturers have generic formulas for setting default usernames and passwords. When Internet users don’t change these default settings, they are easy prey. In a few simple steps, an unsecured router can be hijacked. This is because router security protocols are easily decoded.

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