ExpressVPN and OpenVPN DD-WRT FlashRouters

FlashRouters has recently announced that they are now providing OpenVPN support for DD-WRT. Previously they only had adequate support for Tomato routers. Now Internet users can better protect their networks with DD-WRT flashed routers and leading VPN providers like ExpressVPN.

Personal VPNs Versus DD-WRT

People can use personal VPNs to secure individual devices, but using an ExpressVPN flashed DD-WRT router can secure the entire network. This means that any device connected to the network is automatically protected. The network itself should be first checked for vulnerabilities, of course. Secured Wi-Fi is one important consideration. If the network can be breached through this or another access point, the VPN cannot provide much security.

The fact that OpenVPN is now more widely supported is a victory for privacy enthusiasts. OpenVPN provides much better security for Internet users. OpenVPN is open source, so it is almost impossible for hackers or government agencies to stick in any secret codes that give them access. Some of the best IT security experts have a hand in keeping OpenVPN clean and safe.

FlashRouters has been working hard on providing users with these OpenVPN routers. They are also offering pre-configured routers that are specific to a few top VPN services like ExpressVPN. You can now get your ExpressVPN account and secure your network with one of the fully supported FlashRouters. With the ExpressVPN money-back guarantee and the up to 90-day FlashRouters warranties, you can try it out without worry. And the setup is so easy that you can enjoy safe and private Internet in a matter of minutes from unboxing your pre-configured ExpressVPN DD-WRT router to connecting to youor preferred ExpressVPN server.


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