ExpressVPN and iOS Security

The iPhone 4S and the newer iPhone models have potentially dangerous security vulnerabilities. Online security was never the iPhone’s strong point. But there are excellent ExpressVPN apps that help iPhone users keep their data safe from online predators. And iPhones have physical Security faults as well. Siri was meant as a tool to help iPhone users operate the device with greater ease. But Siri is an open avenue from the lock screen to several settings. Even if you set a passcode on your iPhone, Siri is available. Voice dial and SMS previews are also potential risks. But you can turn all of these off.

Turn on ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the most highly recommended VPN apps for iPhones and other portable devices. ExpressVPN is known for high data encryption levels that protect user data from being read by third parties. It is also known for secure private tunnelling that keeps snoops from intercepting data packets. And it is trusted as a reliable VPN connection provider that offers high speeds and multiple server options without affecting Internet speeds. Always use ExpressVPN when you go online to make sure no one can get to your personal data and credentials.

Turn Off Siri

You can turn off the feature that allows people to communicate with Siri when your iPhone is locked. Just go to where the Passcode settings are located on your iPhone. Then find the Siri slider and move it to the Off position. This way, no one can access Siri when your iPhone is locked.

Turn Off Voice Dial

Voice Dial is another feature that anyone can access without unlocking the iPhone. This is dangerous because a scammer might call your contacts. He or she might pretend that you are in the hospital and need financial help. There are many such scams. Voice Dial also allows access to other iPhone features. To disable Voice Dial, find the Voice Control setting under Passcode and turn it Off.

Turn Off SMS Preview

SMS Preview allows anyone to read your messages as they come in. This is both a privacy breach and a security breach, depending on the contents of the messages. Especially when you have your iPhone set to receive account authentication, you are in danger of account breaches. An attacker can request for a password reset and get into all your bank and other online accounts with the credentials sent to the iPhone. Turn off this feature under the Show Preview setting in Messages.



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