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If you are living and working in the country of Eritrea then you must be well aware of the headache that comes as a part and parcel of using internet in this country. It is considerable for people who are partly dependant on internet but for internet users who rely fully on internet for professional purposes, it is a sort of nightmare. It is a daily marathon that every internet user must day. This hindrance in using internet is known as internet censorship which is implied by the government of that country. If it had been for a few internet websites then it had not been a major issue. In fact, this problem occurs in almost every website that you see. It is not just limited to video sharing websites or even social networking websites. In reality, you will see that almost every website is partly concealed from the view of internet users. The websites that you see are neatly edited and tailored by the government. It gives a sense of incomplete experience while browsing the internet. So, what do the people of Eritrea do for getting a complete internet experience and exposure? The answer to this is nothing but paid VPN services.

Global scenario of internet censorship:

Internet censorship is not a problem of one country alone. In fact, almost every country of the world is affected by it. Countries like Turkey, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia are facing severe web filtering and this is posing a lot of problem for the internet users residing in these countries. While these are only four of the states, a total of 18 states are facing the problem of internet censorship. This was hitting the online business hard but for VPN services available in these countries, it has been averted to a great level.

Difference between free and paid VPN services:

Many internet users are aware of VPN services which are paid as well as those which are free of cost. Numerous internet users across the globe opt for these services to overcome the problem of internet censorship. They choose free or paid VPN services according to their needs and requirements but many internet users are not even aware of the difference between the two.  Paid VPN service is one which you pay a certain amount for and free VPN service is the one that comes free of cost. While both give a way out of internet censorship, the level of access is limited in the case of free VPN services. While paid VPN service gives high level access to almost every website, free VPN service can be easily blocked by web filtering that it enforced by anyone.  Another difference between the two is the service that they offer. The customer service that is offered by the free VPN service is not at all good while you get great customer support when you opt for paid VPN service for your computer system. A good customer service is a major requirement as they lend a helping hand right from installation to usage. So, if you face any problem in any stage while VPN services then they are right there to help you. Hence, it is evident that one must try to opt for paid VPN services.

Best VPN services in Eritrea:

In Eritrea, you get many options when you want to select a VPN service. Finding the right Eritrea VPN service is not a mammoth task if you know how to go about it. You must be very clear about the features that you want in the VPN service. If you are clear about that, it will help you to select in the correct manner. You should also take into consideration the kind of device that you are using while selecting VPN service as it should be compatible with the VPN service that you are using. If a little homework is done beforehand, it will be very easy.

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