Difference between proxy and VPN

Proxy and VPN services might serve the similar purpose of providing accessibility to the users but both these services are poles apart in terms of the features offered to the customer. There is a huge difference between these services and users should completely know about the differences before proceeding any further with using these services. Let us tell you what these two services are before discussing about the differences.

Proxy Service

Proxy helps in establishing a bridge between the user and the proxy servers. By routing the internet access through a proxy server, the user will be able to access the websites they need. Proxy server IP address will become the IP address of the user and this is how access is provided to them. Traffic to the website they wish to access will be diverted as per their request and this enables them to access the content they need. This is all it does and there is no other special feature offered by proxies like a VPN.


Virtual Private Network implements IP hiding and replacement technique and using this method, the user will be able to unblock all kinds of online restrictions and can secure access to their favorite websites. VPN servers also provide security and anonymity. Online protection is one of the most important benefits provided by VPN. Virtual Private Network also provides loads of other exquisite features, which make this service one of the most exciting and enjoyable services. The differences between proxy and VPN will help the users in identifying the various features that they get from these services. We will discuss the differences based on different parameters.

Online Security

Online security is one of the important features provided by VPN. Proxies do not offer security that you can rely on, which makes it a below par service compared to VPN.

  • VPN – Users can enjoy 128-bit or 256-bit AES encrypted internet network by using the services of VPN. Along with this, tunnel based protocol network is also responsible for making the network highly secure and anonymous.
  • Proxy – Proxies provide a very low security and anonymity and the feature provided by this service is of no match to the VPN. It is very hard to find an SSL network provided by proxies.


Internet privacy is another important factor that is necessary for all of us. With an encrypted tunnel based protocol internet network, the user could enjoy ultimate privacy with the use of VPN. On the other hand, there is no privacy for proxy users. Anybody can intercept the data processed by the individual which may not be pleasing to hear for all of us.


Both proxy and VPN services are known for providing access to the websites which are not usually available because of online restrictions, censorships and firewalls. VPN services provide the best accessibility, whereas in the case of proxies, certain restrictions cannot be bypassed and likewise it does not provide a long term solution to the user like VPN.

Internet Speed

When comparing proxy and VPN services for internet speed, VPN seems to perform well. VPN service does enhance the internet speed obtained by the user considerably. Proxies seem to have very little impact on the internet speeds, so if you are using proxies then you should not be able to experience much of a difference in your internet speeds.

Device compatibility

When you consider this particular feature, VPN performs much better than proxies. VPN is compatible across many devices, whereas proxies are not. VPN can be setup on Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and even on routers, so this gives the user a wide range of opportunity. Users can connect to the network using all their devices. Proxies can be used only using certain devices.


VPN is probably the most reliable and long term solution available for internet users. Proxies are not as reliable as VPN services. VPN is one of the most reliable tools available for internet users. Proxies are not reliable in any way and the risk just multiples in the case of proxies, so better watch out. VPN is a very stable and perfect online solution. When we put proxy and VPN to the test, it is the VPN that comes out as a clear winner.

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