CyberGhost VPN: A Complete Review

CyberGhost VPN is a Romanian VPN service provider serving the internet users of Germany to a larger extent. This VPN service, unlike most other VPN service providers, attracts new users and retains its existing customer base by offering an absolutely free, zero commitment VPN service. Though the service operates out of Romania, a country which strictly follows the Data Retention Directive, CyberGhost still promises users that it does not maintains logs or other related records of the online activities of its users. With such favorable factors in hand, this CyberGhost VPN review will now discuss the other useful features and services offered by this VPN provider.

Why use CyberGhost VPN?

Firstly in our CyberGhost VPN review let us look at the various advantages a user can enjoy from using the VPN’s services:

  • Online Anonymity: When you use CyberGhost VPN to access the internet, you get to protect your identity online, since you will be surfing with a different IP address which makes you anonymous, and you will be a lot more secure and private throughout your online activities. It also helps you prevent losing your passwords and being spied by hackers, snoopers or other cybercriminals. In addition, CyberGhost VPN enables you to regain your online freedom and privacy by preventing government authorities, corporations and also your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from monitoring and maintaining logs of your online activities.
  • Complete Online Protection: Public Wi-Fi hotspots and WLANs serve as a great source for internet access, especially for those of you who will be traveling to different places constantly. However, they do possess a downside: your entire online traffic will be public when you access the internet using those networks. This means that all your online transactions, emails, instant messages, important documents, etc. can be easily viewed and captured by any other individual using the same network. CyberGhost VPN will encrypt your connection by creating a virtual tunnel which will connect your device to its servers, encrypting all your data right from the beginning, thus preventing cybercriminals from being able to view your data traffic. CyberGhost VPN connection will also help you secure your online banking transactions which you make through public network connections.
  • Remain unrecognized: Countries like China, UAE, Afghanistan, etc. are usually referred to as evil countries because they impose severe internet censorship policies and block several foreign websites and web services from public access for various reasons. Also, universities, schools, and corporations install filters in their network for monitoring the activities of students or employees. Despite all these restrictions you face, the very minute you log in to your CyberGhost VPN account, you will be given the opportunity to connect to a server present in the location of your choice. Once you connect to that server, you will automatically be recognized as a citizen of that particular country and gain access to all your favorite online contents without being recognized by your authorities.
  • Automatic Protection: When you are surfing the internet with CyberGhost VPN connection and all of a sudden your connection gets interrupted, the VPN will automatically shut down your current internet connection completely, so that your online traffic does not get exposed to the public. If you contain a Premium account with the VPN service provider, your connection will get reconnected automatically.
  • Additional Firewall: CyberGhost VPN also acts as an additional firewall because since you are covered up with the internet, it will not be easy to attack you. Every server possessed by the VPN provider consists of its own firewall, which helps in filtering all the ingoing data traffic, thus providing more security, when you anonymously browse the internet.

Server Locations

CyberGhost VPN has more than 300 servers located in different parts of the world, providing faster internet access to users from all countries due to its global, local presence. To mention, some countries have multiple VPN servers. For instance, CyberGhost VPN has a total of 24 premium servers located in Switzerland, 81 in Germany alone, 22 in the United Kingdom, 24 in Romania, and so on. Some of the other nationals where the VPN provider has servers include Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Singapore, United States, Iceland, Ireland, Russia, etc.

Pricing Plans

In addition to offering a free subscription package, CyberGhost VPN also offers two other different packages: Premium and Premium Plus. Premium package starts at $6.99 per month, $39.99 annually and $69.99 for two years. And Premium Plus plan is offered at $10.99 per month, $69.99 annually and $109.99 for two years. While the encryption technique used, available protocols, number of servers and number of countries remains the same for both the paid packages, it is only the number of devices that can be connected to the VPN differs with the package.

Cyber Attack

Customer Support

CyberGhost VPN offers 24X7 customer support, like any other reliable VPN service provider. You can contact the customer support executives either through the live online chat platform or through the ticket system by submitting a ticket containing your details and queries. The VPN provider’s website also has a very useful FAQ section that comes with a search function. Additionally, there is also a bulletin board which welcomes threads both in German and English and is active.

To conclude this CyberGhost VPN review, it would be honest only if we say that the VPN service provider is absolutely a reliable one, providing outstanding services for every internet user out there.

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