Cisco announced “AnyConnect” – The VPN Service for Android ICS and Above!

Undoubtedly, Cisco is known as world’s leading name in field of networking. It has been providing the best network solutions. Individuals and businesses around the world use its servers and other network products and accessories for connecting networks. All the traffic on internet is directly or indirectly passing through servers of Cisco Systems. Further it has been offering a big range of hardware and software solutions for networking.

Cisco has won trust of people around the globe through its exceptional products and services. It can be considered big evidence of trust on Cisco, that people have stored their important data on its servers. The company has been providing the best range of networking solutions including servers, switches and software since long and now it felt a substantial demand, and even pressure from the side of customers that it should start its own VPN service.

Cisco has the best tools to offer VPN service, because what a VPN offers is data security and privacy. All this is done via efficient networking and cloud storage and Cisco has the best of these. Around the globe; there is no comparison of Cisco’s products and services. That’s why Cisco was not doing haste to offer all this.

Realizing the increasing trend of computing, wireless networking and the trust of people on Cisco, it finally announced its own VPN service and named it ‘AnyConnect’. The AnyConnect VPN service is accessible for Android version 4 and above only.

The reason to focus on Android!

Power of computer is increasing and size is decreasing day by day. People prefer to have a powerful but smaller device in hand to perform most of their computing works. In this connection they are increasingly using smartphone to surf on the internet and browse all, what they want.

In the U.S, Android operating system has left behind the iOS, so the mostly used operating system is Android. It is the best idea to base VPN service on the most popular operating system and that is again Android.

You will be able to use AnyConnect VPN service on any device which is using Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system or later version.


AnyConnect may have some issues!

The AnyConnect VPN service has not been launched in its full shape. Official launch and release of the service may take some more time. All individuals and businesses are encouraged to try AnyConnect and provide their feedback, whether they face any problem or want to suggest some improvements, as the official released version can be launched without those lacks.


Everyone has hope that AnyConnect will help to be connected from anywhere. Still the pre-release version has resulted satisfactory for individual users. To see how much better the official launched version will be, all of us will have to wait.

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