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Internet has become an indispensible tool for mankind and life without internet has become unimaginable for millions across the globe. With the advent of technology, internet has seeped so deeply into our lives that we seem to be incomplete without it. In Cambodia a VPN service along with an internet connection has become very essential. While many users make use of this service only for entertainment purpose like Netflix, one should know that there are several other advantages of using VPN service. Take for example if you want to access informational sites and blogs which are banned in Cambodia, the only way out is by using VPN service. Government in Cambodia bans art based sites too if they do not match up to the standards set by it. Hence, VPN plays a very important role for internet users in Cambodia. Internet censorship creates a lot of problem as it makes important information inaccessible. Internet users also find their freedom of expression being curtailed due to internet censorship by the government of Cambodia. The answer to all these problems is VPN service which gives unlimited access to the users.

Benefits of VPN service in Cambodia:

It is a commonly known fact that VPN service gives you unlimited access to internet and the users can also access foreign websites which are banned in Cambodia without VPN service. Apart from all these advantages, the users also get added benefit of security. With VPN service, they can access the internet anonymously. When the users get anonymous IP address, they can easily cut down the risk of insecurity. With VPN service, the IP address that the users have depends solely on the protocol that they choose. The encryption that they use is of varying level and hence when they have a hidden IP address, they can cut down the risk of any individual following them online. If the users get hold of the best VPN service in Cambodia, they can prevent any hacker from hacking their device.

Benefit of VPN service while travelling outside Cambodia:

If a person travels out of Cambodia, it is seen that his bank accounts and other accounts get locked due to security purposes. This causes a lot of problems for the person who is travelling to other countries. The reason behind locking of bank and other accounts is that many banks have security alerts which are triggered if the account is being accessed from different IP addresses. After triggering of this alert, the bank account is automatically locked. This causes a lot of problem when the users try to access his accounts. VPN service gives the users a static IP address which helps in keeping the bank and other accounts from getting locked. A static IP address helps a lot in getting the work done smoothly.

Choosing the best VPN service:

In Cambodia, there are numerous VPN service providers. Different service providers provide different protocols. You must asses you needs and requirements before plunging into getting a new VPN service for your computer. You must ask yourself which feature is most important to you and how you are going to use the service so that you can reap the maximum benefits out of it. Roughly speaking a PPTP protocol is more or less suitable for user and is compatible with most of the systems. Though this protocol is a bit old, there are various improved versions of it that you can find in the market. This protocol has lower bandwidth which can be used for movie streaming easily. Another useful protocol is L2TP, this has wider bandwidth and streaming of large files can take a longer time. This is an apt choice if one wants security more than internet speed. This protocol provides high level internet security. The best Cambodia VPN can be found with a bit of market research. You just need a little knowledge in this field in order to proceed.

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