Bypass Chatroulette Ban

Chatroulette is basically an internet based chat website that does the work of pairing random strangers from different parts of the world in order to converse with each other through their webcams. The process is very simple; you will not be required to sign up for anything. All you need to do is visit the website on a PC or laptop that has the webcam feature and you will be automatically placed face to face in front of a total stranger with whom you can chat online by way of text messaging, audio, or video. If you do not like to continue your conversation at any point, you can simply click on the Next button which will bring you in front of another stranger. The creator of this online anonymous chat service is a 17 year old Russian named Andrey Ternovsky.

The platform is built with only a minimal number of options, which includes providing you the ability to start chatting with only those users who contain a functional webcam, to automatically get paired with a different user when you finish your current chat session, and the ability to disable the projection or reception of video or audio. The chat service also comprises of a “report” button, which you can use to report to the administrator of the website about any unacceptable content you come across.

The Ban

As mentioned before, the report button in the platform can be used to file a report against any bad behavior or undesired content during your chat. When a person gets reported three times to the administrator, the website will automatically ban that particular user from accessing its services. It does this by using the person’s IP address. Whenever the person tries to access Chatroulette after being banned, the service will check his or her IP address and if it belongs to the banned person, he or she will be automatically rejected access. Also, if you happen to live in a country with strict internet censorship, the website will be banned in your region. To bypass Chatroulette ban in both such circumstances, you will have to use a reliable tool.

Best Way to Bypass Chatroulette Ban

When you get banned from using the website in one of the above mentioned circumstances, the best tool that can help you bypass Chatroulette ban is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). As the website will ban your access by determining your IP address, you can use a VPN to obtain an entirely different IP address from a country of your choice. This will also be helpful if you are present in a country that does not offer enough online freedom. In both cases, the new IP address will replace your original IP, making the website and your country’s authorities believe that you are accessing from the country of the new IP. This will enable you to access Chatroulette without facing any type of restrictions or bans.

Top VPN Services

In order to bypass Chatroulette ban, you can connect to servers from one of the following VPN service providers:

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