How a VPN Will Bypass Censorship in China

China has one of the most protective firewalls in the world. This censorship program prevents everyone inside the country from viewing anything the government deems unnecessary, including video streaming sites, social networking websites and every outside news website. The government wants their residents to only see what they want them to see. Because of this, many Internet users inside the country are using a Virtual Private Network, VPN, to bypass censorship in China.

Bypass Censorship in China

A VPN is a newer technology that lets you make a direct connection to its server and get around your ISP providers server in China. Since China uses software that only censors IP addresses that are inside the country, you can get around this by going on the Internet through the VPN’s equipment and getting a new IP address from another country. You become anonymous and invisible to the Chinese firewall. This lets you bypass censorship in China.

Connecting to a VPN to Bypass Censorship in China

The major thing you need to know about VPN providers is that they are not all the same. Most use a protocol called PPTP, but to bypass censorship in China, you will need a more secure protocol, like an SSL or better. Without this, the VPN is useless. Many of the free VPN services only have PPTP available and these will not work for you.

The next important thing is the connection speed. This is the amount of bandwidth the VPN service provides. The more bandwidth, the faster your connection speed will be. If you plan on watching videos online, then you will want the fastest connection speed, but this also comes at a cost. There are several good VPN services that offer enough bandwidth to watch videos, but the movies will download slower.


Finally, the next thing you need to do before connecting to a China VPN is how easy it is to make the connection. Not all VPN services will allow you to connect to your Internet device. Most will make a connection to a computer, but not to an iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Phone, Xbox, PS3 or other unique Internet accessing device. So make sure the VPN will can make that direct line to your Internet accessing equipment.

Finding a best VPN to in China

Keeping everything that was said earlier in mind, it is difficult to find the right VPN to bypass censorship in China. This is one of the main reasons we started this site. Information is key. We engaged the services of hundreds of experts around the world, including inside China. These experts spent weeks using each VPN that would bypass the censorship software in China. After all of this research, we came up with the best VPN services to get through the Chinese firewall.

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