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Censorship in Turkey has pushed many residents to seek alternative means of freely accessing the Internet. The government has blocked many types of content and applications for mostly religious reasons. Dilution of the Islamic culture is one major concern. It has prompted the government to protect the Muslim population from destructive outside influences. But many people there still want to exercise their freedom of choice. They are not bound by the same rules and beliefs, and they need a good shield that will allow them private access to any blocked content and applications.

VPN Access

Access to over 8,000 websites has already been blocked in Turkey. Though meant as a protective measure, the limitations can create an isolation for Internet users in Turkey. This can have a negative impact on growth for those living and working there. It is also a great inconvenience for visitors that can make them disinterested in going to Turkey.Some VPN providers are better than others at bypassing the restrictions that are specific to Turkey. One of these is the Boxpn VPN. Boxpn can get around the firewall that the Turkish government has put in place. It can also block the government from monitoring your activities so you are free to access any type of content you wish. With Boxpn, your Internet activities become anonymous.

There is a wide selection of over 200 VPN Boxpn servers and over 70 Boxpn Torrent servers in 10 countries worldwide. Subscribers can choose which country they need to connect to so they can access the content they are looking for. Boxpn has 4 new servers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and servers in Hong Kong and Tokyo, Japan.

Safety with VPN Access

Residents and visitors alike need VPN technology to be able to use blocked applications and open blocked websites. The Boxpn network offers several connection options. PPTP is an old VPN connection protocol that is today easily blocked and/or tracked. Using PPTP, you may think you can get to websites and use instant messaging services safely. But the truth is you may be watched. You can also lose your access at any time if the government chooses to cut you off. You will then be subject to their laws as they will have evidence of your violation.

Turkey VPN

Boxpn offers 2048-bit SSTP encryption that can secure your traffic. Their servers are secured by Microsoft TMG. TMG provides users with the benefits of virus scanning and malware and spyware alerts. Phishing sites are also scanned daily to warn users to stay away from them.Boxpn also provides their subscribers with unlimited bandwidth usage and high speeds so they can surf normally while connected to the VPN. Users can install the Boxpn VPN on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones to secure each device separately.

The new Boxpnservers are secured with the same hardware based firewall, anti-malware filters and threat management gateways.Boxpn data centers are equipped with high-end HP and Fujitsu servers with Xeon CPUs. Their global network with a 220Gbit backbone is directly connected to Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels, and St. Louis. Boxpn has been providing quality VPN security since 1998 as a brand of Cakinberk Telekom Ltd. Sti. They have sold dedicated servers and web hosting services for 14 years.

With Boxpn, users can take advantage of their experience securing individuals and websites. Access is not the only benefit of using a VPN. A VPN protects users from hacker attacks that lead to identity theft, credit card and bank account theft, and other types of online fraud and general mischief that puts users at risk. A VPN is a very affordable yet effective online security measure. The privacy and anonymity guaranteed by a VPN tunnel ensures that user data is safe from prying eyes.

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