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These days, thousands of internet users are employing Bittorrent for transferring files through internet. P2P traffic or Bittorrent enables you to download as many files you want without bearing any kind of cost. This makes it easy for you to download heavy file at a fast speed and due to this reason it has becoming popular all around the world. According to Wikipedia, bittorrent have more users than Youtube; it’s quite impressive.

What Exactly Bittorrent is?

It is a set of rules that makes it simple for you to do downloading and uploading on internet at a blazing speed. After the emergence of Bittorrent, file sharing has become easier. Now it is really easy for you to transfer files of all kinds and sizes over the internet. For example, if you want to share your special event video with your friend then you just need to upload it on Bittorrent. After uploading, you have to give a link from where your friend can download the file in a matter of seconds.

What makes Bittorrent Risky?

Although Bittorrent is quite useful yet it brings a side effect in the form of location tracing. In order to understand this side effect you first need to read this example:

There are some files such as latest movies that have copy right with them. It is illegal to download and to transfer such files without getting permission. When you try to download such movies then you may get trapped.  Filmmakers can sue you and you have to pay penalty. Filmmakers can easily get your data and location from your internet service provider or ISP who keeps complete record your internet activity. The best way to avoid this kind of problem is to get VPN for Bittorrent.

 VPN for Bittorrent

Why to Use Bittorrent VPN?

It is a fact that when you don’t have a VPN then you are unable to enjoy the real privacy over the internet. When you download files from bittorrent then your ISP keeps the full record of your log activity and this record can be shared with authorities on demand. In simple words, your location can easily be identified through your IP address and you can easily be caught. If you want to remain anonyms over the web then you need to use torrent VPN.

How Does Bittorrent VPN Helps you?

As I told you earlier, you location is tracked by your ISP and if you really want to make you untraceable then you have to do nothing but to subscribe for VPN. After connecting your computer with VPN, you can take a sigh of relief. The reason is that now you can download movies and any other file of your choice without taking tension that you may get trapped.

Actually, a VPN hide your real IP address and show an untraceable IP to public network and in this way it keeps you completely anonymous. Whenever you try to download the file then VPN works as a middleman. During data transfer process, it encrypts the data and then decrypts it on the destination server. It doesn’t show your IP and therefore, no one gets an idea of your location.

In short, you need to get a VPN for Bittorrent if you want to do downloading in a secure and untraceable environment.

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