Best IPSec VPN Providers

Virtual Private Networks, commonly referred to as VPNs, enable business organizations to enjoy private and secure communications whenever they access the internet by way of public network infrastructures. A VPN is basically a network of associated hosts that communicate over a public network connection, like the internet, while using authentication and encryption technologies to maintain the privacy of the data it carries by concealing it from public eyes and protecting it from being accessed or thieved by unauthorized users. A typical VPN service is used to securely connect mobile users, home workers, partners, and remote branch offices over the public network connection.

VPNs are usually created with the help of various different technologies, which are inclusive of Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and most importantly Internet Protocol Security (IPSec). You will most likely be in need of a virtual private network if you happen to own a business organization or work in one that has one or more of the following requirements:

  • To secure crucial business communications from being viewed by prying eyes,
  • To link hosts or networks at different branch offices or distant locations securely,
  • To bring together the ranges of different IP addresses into a single address space that is even more convenient to access,
  • To ensure the integrity of all business data that are exchanged over the public network connection, and
  • To provide a secure access to the network of the workplace to all telecommuters.

What is IPSec?

Internet Protocol Security, IPSec, is the most commonly used technology for establishing VPN connections. The protocol basically describes the ways in which confidentiality, authenticity, and data integrity can be provided over a public network like the internet. It succeeds doing this by way of authentication, encryption, and tunneling, but also allows business organizations to choose the definitive security policy that would be suitable for their business operations. Following are the three configuration choices available for best IPSec VPN providers:

  • Authentication: Usually asks for a username and password, digital certificates like VeriSign or Entrust, or username and token plus pin.
  • Encryption: 128 bit, 192 bit or 256 bit AES, 56 bit DES, 112 bit or 168 bit 3DES, or none.
  • Tunneling: Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) or Authentication Header (AH).

Components of IPSec

Having seen the three different configurations of best IPSec VPN providers, we now move on to discuss the three major components of the same:

  • Key Exchange Server: The key exchange server basically sets up the authentication and security policies for every connection and also manages encryption keys.
  • Authentication Database: The authentication database usually comprises of the information the IKE server utilizes to authorize hosts and users on the VPN.
  • IPSec Engine: The IPSec engine effectuates the actual authentication and encryption activities on an operating VPN connection.

Objectives of Best IPSec VPN Providers

IPSec VPNs were typically designed to take care of certain objectives of the users, and following are the features offered by best IPSec VPN providers to address these objectives:

  • Data Integrity: If you happen to contain malignant information, then it might cause your organization to lose precious time, money, and may even lead to some other worse losses. A robust connection must have the ability to make sure that the data you receive is similar to that you send.
  • Data Origin Authentication: When the users of your organization send and receive valuable information over the internet, you must be able to make sure that those users are authorized and trusted.
  • Data Confidentiality: Most of your business data would be valuable ones. A loss of even single business information can put your organization in stake. Therefore, the type of networking technology you choose to use must secure your data from being accessed by third parties or cybercriminals.
  • Automated Key Management: IPSec VPN ensures that none of your business data are made public, by automating the periodic exchange and sequencing of encryption keys.

Advantages of IPSec VPN

IPSec VPN is an effective network technology that provides secure remote access to all your corporate resources over the internet. Following are some of the prominent advantages offered by this VPN protocol:

  • Ease of Use and Accessibility: The primary advantage of IPSec VPN is that it functions at the network layer. This feature enables it to secure all the data that are present or transferred between two end points, which also include all types of applications. This makes it extremely convenient for remote users to access all the corporate resources they require, as if they are present in their office physically and connected to their company’s LAN. Hence, IPSec VPN serves to be an ideal option for those of your workers who are present in branch offices and also for telecommuters. This network technology allows its users to access different applications, which include terminal services, databases, client servers, web, file sharing, and emails.
  • Security: IPSec VPN provides complete security to your corporate data by using the encryption features mentioned earlier in this article. One of the most common concerns of any business organization would be to make sure that its remote employees comply with their organization’s corporate security policy pertinent to the strength of encryption. When you choose to use an IPSec VPN, this comes as a standard feature. The protocol succeeds in this compliance by requiring both devices to agree to the security requirements well in advance.

By offering so many excellent features and advantages to business organizations, IPSec VPN remains the most preferred type of VPN protocol among most business firms and hence, it would be best for you to choose the same if you are thinking about using a VPN.

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Best IPSec VPN Providers

Following are the top five best IPSec VPN providers in the market to which you can subscribe for a connection:

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