Automatically Close Apps When VPN Disconnects

Millions of Internet users across the country are relying on VPNs to cover up the holes in their Internet security. VPN connections are a highly recommended method of securing data and privacy. But users are concerned about what happens when their VPN connection is suddenly lost. In response to this concern, the VPNWatcher application has surfaced as a tool that works to cut the traffic flow when the VPN fails.

A Hole in VPN Security

A VPN is great for maintaining privacy and security online. But if the VPN connection suddenly cuts out, users are again vulnerable to snooping. Many VPN providers cannot guarantee a stable connection to their servers. And some have no system in place to warn users of the lost connection. Many subscribers have become dependent on their VPN providers for Internet privacy and security. They are now concerned that the recommended service they pay for is not in fact securing them.

A Hole in VPN Security

Exposed to the same Dangers

Many popular services that tens of millions of Internet users enjoy collect real time data on Internet use. Companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and MSN constantly monitor and track user movements throughout their websites and web services. Even a few minutes spent on any of the pages under their control results in an automatic record of user activity. This data is in turn available to the NSA through their spying programs. In light of this, many users are demanding a solution to the security hole that reopens when their VPN cuts out.

Online privacy concerns are still high as surveillance activities have no signs of abating. More and more government agencies in countries around the world are instituting Internet monitoring policies. And they are facing the same privacy protests that are ongoing in the US following the Snowden revelations regarding NSA spying. On top of this, online organized crime is on the rise, targeting valuable user information. Internet users understandably have their guards up, and have turned to VPNs as their salvation. This new security threat they face is looking to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

A Quick Fix>

Security experts have responded to the complaint, warning users not to drop their VPNs because of a small fault. There are several tools and methods available that can be set up to avoid exposure caused by VPN failure. Operating systems are also beginning to design built-in options for connection to the Internet through VPN only. Meantime, users can take advantage of tools like VPNetMon or the latest VPNWatcher, a free open source application for Windows. It was designed by a German Java developer as a simple app that allows Internet traffic on the condition that the VPN connection is active.

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