Are We Being Watched On the Internet? ! Is that true?

Internet was introduced in the 60s and in mid-90s commercial users were allowed to avail it. After internet’s commercialization, it grown up in very fast manner, making almost every thing depending on it.

Internet has been need of the day

All around the world, whatever is used, directly or indirectly it is connected to internet. Whether it is selling something or purchasing, teaching or studying, communicating with relatives or announcing anything publicly all things are logically concerned with internet. At first it was just considered as luxury, but now it has been need in just a span of 20 years, the prime reason is that it gives great ease and convenience for any operation you do.

Another reason of internet’s rapid growth is portable devices like laptop computers, tablet PCs, and smartphones, because they provide portability to access internet even you are in a club or desert.

There are advantages of internet, but it also has disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Internet

Corporations, governments, and even data monitoring agencies utilize internet and most of their data is stored on internet servers. They also use internet to create user accounts. These corporations and governments have more knowledge about our activities than our best friends; those activities can include a regular search on Google, Facebook post, online purchase from Amazon and lots other.

It’s not the end!

Data is sold!

When you use internet, there are some persons who keep eye from your activities and also keep record of all that. After that those unknowing internet users buy, sell and exchange the data like free-market commodities. They do it with ultimate freedom even without your permission.

It is true that we are being overlooked, spied and monitored by unknown users while using internet. Those unknown users may hack your spy on you, how you look, act, and behave while using the internet. There are lots of tricks and techniques which they use to keep eye on you.

Watched On the Internet

Hackers are also there to harm us!

Most of overlooking is done by corporations but this is not all, there are some persons who hack you computers and steal your data. These are called hackers. So being an ordinary internet user you must think of ensuring internet privacy, security, and anonymity. Virtually it looks impossible, but it is not.

Conclusion – to ensure privacy on internet

To ensure security and make things better, governments should think and come forward. But unluckily, most of these spying are done from the side of governments. So we can not get more chance and even can not depend upon governments to ensure security.

So it looks like miserable for ordinary users to use internet because it can harm in a number of ways. But if we really want to ensure our security, VPN is the best option. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that offers security, anonymity and all that an ordinary user wants to be secure. With VPN service you are connected to VPN server and the site you access; will be accessed by VPN server in fact. Your data will be encrypted for anonymity and security purposes. In this way nobody can steal your data and even can not have idea about your I.P to hack your computer.

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