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Being anonymous online is not achieved in one go with a single tool. Anonymity comes by combining a few best practices that work well together to build a solid online shield. The Internet is a dangerous place, but with ExpressVPN you can complete your security to be truly anonymous online.

Common Dangers to Privacy and Security

There are many techniques commonly practiced by companies and individuals on the Internet that are threats to privacy. Sometimes it just means that people know what you do on the Internet and you would rather they kept their noses out of your business. But many times these breaches of privacy lead to serious security issues. Online financial scams and thefts are often the direct result of data privacy breaches. Having tighter Internet security prevents intrusions into personal data privacy and consequently blocks avenues that lead to financial theft.

Schools, offices, and ISPs are the most obvious snoopers. They routinely monitor users’ online activities. They are likely monitoring your network activity and are likely aware of all the sites you surf and the stuff you download from the Internet. They can see your attempts to access blocked content. Normally the monitoring that they do is to protect users and their network from dangerous websites that contain malware and to restrict access to illegal content. But ISPs have also been increasingly monitoring user activities to help companies and governments enforce anti-piracy laws and Internet censorship. The data that they gather also contains other information about users from cookies and metadata. This other information can be manipulated and pieced together by malicious individuals to use against users.

Hackers are the most common and most dangerous snoopers. Their purpose is to wreak havoc and make a profit in the process. Online gangs and organized groups have been strengthening in technical know-how and increasing in number over the past few years. Some may still commit mischief for its own sake just to cause trouble or to practice their skills. But most have become very focused and target users for gain. There are many techniques in play at the moment, but they all lead to one end result – theft. A main target is actual bank account information or debit and credit card numbers. These get them to the cash faster. But sometimes more complex schemes yield higher profits. Personal data can be sold at high prices. It can also lead them to multiple financial accounts that can be taken over in one swoop.

Recently, we have learned that Internet companies, advertising agencies and governments also practice online snooping. Their spying activities may not be aimed at stealing your identity or wiping out your bank account, but they are still dangerous. They give no guarantee that the data they gather and store is transferred and kept securely. Once your data is in their hands, it can leak out. It may even be shared or sold on purpose, increasing the likelihood that it will be intercepted by those with malicious intent. Advertising companies that are less scrupulous buy user data from unverified sources. As long as the data is real and can help them sell marketing campaigns, they don’t care where it comes from. The possibility that the data was obtained by illegal means just increases the chance that hackers will continue to seek out your personal data.


Compromising your online privacy is dangerous. ExpressVPN can seal up those common network pathways that open up your personal data to prying eyes. Hackers will take advantage of any means they can find to access data. Everything that is made available online is useful to them. From what websites you visit to where you have online accounts to what you post on Facebook to who your email contacts are is all valuable information. They can quite easily take and piece together this information to launch the type of attack that you are most vulnerable to.

The first step to achieving online anonymity is hiding your IP address. Your IP address contains a lot of information about you. You may have heard about proxy services. Proxies reroute your traffic through a different IP address. But they are mostly discoverable and traceable. You need a VPN service that will secure the connection to effectively hide your IP address. With ExpressVPN, your IP address will not be known.

The next step is to set your browsers to block tracking and unnecessary cookies. Some websites need cookies to function properly, so you will need to clean out those cookies after every browsing session. There is still a window there for hackers to hijack those cookies while you are browsing, so using ExpressVPN every time you browse online is the safety net. Unable to connect you to your real IP address, they will get incomplete details that will throw them off.

Sealing off all other avenues to your personal data involves checking all the applications you use to access the internet. Your browser isn’t the only tool that can give you away. When you upload photos and other files, they contain metadata from where they were created. You need to check that the computer you use to create documents, your phone, your camera, and all other devices do not know who you are. That way they can’t pass that information along. Then there’s what you share on networking and social media sites. If your personal information is there, no tool can stop people from identifying you.

ExpressVPN is a paid VPN service. Having to shell out extra cash may not be appealing, but real security requires an investment. Free VPN services are all over the place, but your privacy security is not prioritized on them. Like proxy services, these connections are easy to detect and block. Once you are detected or the connection blocked and cut off, you become vulnerable again. And of course there is monitoring involved, so you are back to square one. These free services also contain a lot of ads to help the companies maintain the service. These ads can be dangerous as they may lead you to malware infested sites. Hackers prey on free service networks for this purpose. Free services are also often overcrowded and connection is difficult. Speeds are often affected as well, and they may impose time limits on your use of the service. Free services just aren’t for people who are serious about privacy and security, and who need reliability on their connection.

ExpressVPN provides a strong layer of encryption that makes your online activity unrecognizable to the network. You can very easily protect all the devices that you use to access the Internet and connect quickly whenever you go online. Your connection will be stable so you can depend on continued protection. ExpressVPN also provides 24/7 customer support so you can deal with any technical issues you may face. To see more about ExpressVPN or other VPN, you can access our reviews and the company websites from here.

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