7 Reasons why VPNs might die out by 2020

Virtual private network offers loads of benefits and the feature specifications of different companies are endless but what if we told you that, this service is going to die out pretty soon. Well, let’s just discuss about some of the key reasons why we feel it might die out by 2020. If VPN companies are able to fix these problems then we might not be able to see the back of them very soon.

VPN encryption stands broker

Many intelligent agencies including NSA find a technology to break the encryption code setup by a VPN. Most of the VPN service providers make use of a 1024-bit encryption, which uses a simple Diffie-Hellman algorithm which can be decrypted. This means there is no security anymore. If you find your VPN to be less secure than that alone is enough to consider whether to continue with the subscription or not.

ISP monitoring

Virtual private network is capable of hiding your internet activities from your very own ISP. But it is quite hard to say that, ISP can track your VPN activities. Users can check whether their ISP is blocking the VPN or not by simply checking out whether you are able to watch a movie using the VPN. If you are not able to watch it but other internet activities are fine then you can be sure that the connection is blocked. Internet users who are living in the US should also be aware of the fact that, your internet activities can be snooped easily.

Free VPNs

Another important factor that is a major cause of concern for internet users and VPN subscribers is the flooding of free VPN service providers. Free service is worth trying but it is certainly not the right option due to all the different drawbacks of it. Free services might be attractive but the quality of features provided by it will be of no match to the more sophisticated features offered by a paid subscription model. Thus, free VPN service should see a downfall for the VPN to succeed.

VPN server blockades

Several instances are occurring even as we speak wherein many VPN servers are blocked by restrictions. Geographic restrictions have blocked certain servers which has been a growing area of concern for both VPN companies and subscribers. Earlier VPN used to bypass all forms of restrictions and give you access to all the contents you need but nowadays things have changed. For example – some of the leading video streaming sites have started implementing blockades to prevent VPN servers from bypassing the restrictions. If this scenario continues and websites, video streaming platforms and so on start blocking VPN servers, it is only going to spoil the reputations and quality of the service on the whole.

Data mining

Many free and so-called affordable low cost VPN service providers are known to collect and sell your personal information for extra revenue, which is not fair. As a subscriber you wouldn’t want your confidential personal information to be sold to marketing companies, ad agencies, spammers and so on. Companies make money by doing these activities which is not good in this day and age for the survival of a VPN on the whole.

Activity logging

VPN companies do maintain logs such as time logs, internet activity logs, connection logs, server logs and many more. But to the contrary they advertise in the market stating that they follow a zero logging policy which is not exactly true. There is no guarantee of security and anonymity, if the service provider is maintaining activity logs. If this situation continues then we can expect the decline of the VPN service real soon.

Lack of anonymity

None of the VPN companies operating in the market offer a completely anonymous internet network. Simple answer to the question of does VPNs guarantee anonymity would be a direct NO. VPNs are not fully anonymous which is true from IP leaks and DNS leaks. Encryption and other form of security features offered by a VPN service can also be broken, all of which makes VPN, a vulnerable option. We have discussed about some of the key reasons which might affect the growth and eventually end the VPN service right away.

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