2013 Ultimate Privacy VPN Service Providers

Because there has been so much concern over user privacy lately, we decided to do a run-down of several VPN providers. We asked them for their responses to a few questions relating to user privacy. Below are the details of each response. We hope that this helps users choose a VPN service more suitable for their privacy needs.

Here are the questions asked of the VPN providers:


  1. What if any logs do you keep? Does this allow you or a third party to link usersto your service?
  2. What country’s laws does your company operate under? Under what circumstances will you share information with the authorities or a third party?
  3. How are copyright infringement takedown notices handled?
  4.   What payment systems do you support? How are these linked to individual user accounts?
  5. Here are the responses of the VPN providers who by their answers showed concern for user privacy. Providers not on this list wither actively logged user information and online activities, or sis not respond to the questions.

1- ExpressVPN does not and will not actively monitor user sessions. We also do not maintain direct logs of any customer’s Internet activities. Shared IPs prevents any IP from being associated with any individual user.
We may monitor connection speeds with user permission to improve our services and make appropriate suggestions on which servers are fastest to use for each user.
2. ExpressVPN is a US company. ExpressVPN will never intentionally disclose any private electronic communication or personal customer information unless required to by US law enforcement personnel that have produced the proper legal compliance paperwork.We are not connected to any third party companies nor do we participate in any government information sharing policies. We cannot share any information because we do not keep logs.
3. ExpressVPN does not entertain claims from private entities that are not backed up by proof of copyright infringement.
4. ExpressVPN accepts only the most secure payment systems, major credit cards and PayPal. We do not keep record of customer details unless the account holder chooses to turn on auto-billing.

1. We don’t keep any log that can allow a 3rd party to do that.
2. AirVPN operates in Italy. Applicable laws are those of the countries where the servers are physically located. We don’t hold any information so we are unable to share anything that may compromise privacy related to VPN usage.
3. We do not host any content, so there is no reason for any notice to be issued.
4. We accept Bitcoin, Liberty Reserve, PayPal and credit cards. Bitcoin and Liberty Reserve are not linked to accounts, so there is no link. We provide coupon codes, some through independent resellers, that can be used to activate any account. PayPal keeps user information as do banksand other financial institutions. PayPal payments show that the account holder sent money for AirVPN services, but does not prove if or how the VPN is used. The same considerations apply to credit cards transactions.


1. It’s our main policy not to keep any logs of VPN activities.All clients’ activities are totally safe.
2. Our company operates out of Turkey. The Boxpn global network covers the USA, Canada, UK, Panama, Argentina, Iceland, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, Singapore and Australia with over 200+ servers. We do not have connections with any third party companies or government agencies. We don’t keep any logs,so even with a court order it’s impossible to share information related to our VPN services.
3. Boxpn has over 70 servers only for Torrent traffic in countries where there is no data retention law. We have special agreements with data centers to keep our torrent network running and to keep clients. We never receive DMCA complaints. Regarding to non-torrent networks our hardware base firewalls automatically drops P2P traffic.
4. We accept Paypal and all forms of credit cards; VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX.


1. We do not keep any logs because this would make us and our users more vulnerable.
2. We operate under Swedish jurisdiction. There is no practical way for the Swedish government to get user information from us.We will not expose data to third parties. We purposefully do not possess information that could be of interest to third parties.
3. There is no Swedish law equivalent to the DMCA that is applicable to us.
4. We accept Bitcoin, cash, PayPal and credit cards. Our accounts have personal information. Paypal has records that associate account numbers with payments.

1. Dynamic and shared IP addresses are available to IPVanish users. This mixes user traffic, making it impossible to single out anyone for anything.The only information collected is thetimestamp, duration of the connection, IP address used for the connection and bytes transferred. This is for troubleshooting connectivity issues. Support informationis purged regularly.
2. IPVanish is a global company based in the US.
3. We do not host content of any kind and so there is nothing to take down.
4. We accept major credit cards, PayPal and UltimatePay. UltimatePay provides anonymous cash payment options like Western Union, Alipay, Skrill and PaySafeCard.

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