How To Watch Episodes Of “The Daily Show” In The United Kingdom

The United States enjoys its political commentary and Jon Stewart approaches the genre with a particular wit and razor sharp mind. This makes him a very popular figure in the United Kingdom and Comedy Central has picked up on this fact and made episodes of “The Daily Show” available on UK television. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty spotty offering and not every episode will be aired. If you’ve developed an addiction to “The Daily Show”, this is really bad news and the times when the show is off the air are disappointing to say the least. Fortunately, there is a way to watch every episode of “The Daily Show” that airs in the United States without having to rely on Comedy Central’s whims.

Where Can I Watch “The Daily Show” From The United Kingdom?

Probably the easiest place to find episodes of “The Daily Show” while you’re in the UK is Hulu. It’s a video streaming service that’s usually restricted to residents of the United States that releases every episode of some of the country’s most popular shows around one day after they are aired on the television. It has a long backlog of older episodes that you may have missed when they were first shown.

On the other hand, you can also access the most recent episodes of “The Daily Show” from the UK on the official website for the show. Unlike Hulu, the website doesn’t require you to make an account, but it also doesn’t have older episodes to satisfy your cravings.

The Daily Show

How Do I Watch “The Daily Show” From The UK?

Both of these sites pose a bit of a problem for UK viewers, however. Neither of them allow access for UK residents because both are region restricted due to international copyright laws. If you want to be able to watch “The Daily Show” from the UK, you’ll have to find a way around this restriction.

Happily, this is not a difficult thing to do. You need only sign up for a Virtual Private Network, more commonly known as a VPN. Hulu or the official website will check your IP address when you attempt to log on and reject you if it shows you are outside the United States. Your VPN, however, changes your IP address when it hits the server. If you’re connected to servers based in the U.S., your IP address will appear to be from that country and you will be allowed to access “The Daily Show” from the UK.

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