How to Fix: “Netflix is not Available in Your Location”

Netflix is indeed one of the best online streaming services that allow you to watch latest TV shows and movies right from your Apple TV, PS3, Mobile phone, Tablet, Windows and PC. You are free to browse a wide collection of best movies and American TV shows and to find a show of your choice and to start enjoying it on your device. However, this service is currently available in the US, Canada, the UK, Latin America and Scandinavia. If you are living in some other country then every time you try to connect with Netflix you get an error message: Netflix is not Available in Your Location. So, it simply means that you are unable to watch Netflix in your country because you are not a resident of those countries where this service is available. What you want to do now? You will skip this service. I think you should never skip it but you need to know how to fix this error.

Cause of Error Message: Netflix is not available in Your Location

Do you want to fix this error in easy manner? If yes, then you first need to know about the main cause of this message. This error message comes to you because you belong to a country that is being blocked by Netflix and because they are offering services to limited countries. They have blocked all IPs of all countries of world except those countries’ IPs in which they offer their services. So, you can’t get access because your IP is not of Netflix’ supported country. You get error message because server of Netflix easily recognizes your location with the mean of your IP address. However, good thing is that you can resolve this issue by getting an IP of Netflix supported country.

netflix in south africa

How to Change IP Address for watching Netflix?

As I mentioned earlier, the main problem is IP of your country. Your task is to nip the evil in the bud or in another words change your IP that restricts your access to Netflix. You need to get a VPN for changing your IP. VPN stands for virtual private network. When you subscribe for this private network then it brings an IP of UK or US. When you connect your device with vpn then your computer get IP of Netflix supported country. After making a connection with VPN, you are free to get rid from error message: Netflix is not available in Your Location. Actually, when server of Netflix checks your location then it shows UK or US as a location and therefore, it permits your access. You are free to enjoy movies and TV shows of your choice even when you are not living in a Netflix non-supporting country. In this manner, you can fix this error message and watch interesting and informative content of Netflix.

It’s time to change your IP address with the mean of VPN if you want to start enjoying Netflix in a non-supporting country.

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